Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022 : ladies tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia

Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022 current vacancies in Saudi Arabia ladies tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia. Receptionist is required to take Tailor vacancies in Saudi Arabia city from all today measurements foreman clothes what is the most common job in Saudi Arabia. Find Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia Tailor job vacancies and employment opportunities

Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022 | ladies tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia

Salary Saudi Arabia, Tailor, Textile, Leather, Apparel Tailor Vacancies in Saudi Arabia in top companies in UAE, Qatar, Oman & Bahrain. Check out ️ latest Tailor job vacancies in Oman Iraq Qatar Abu Dhabi Kuwait Saudi Arabia

Secondary school graduate
Demonstrated experience filling in as a designer.
Sound information on textures as well as attire plan and development.
The capacity to utilize a sewing machine.
Brilliant hierarchical, critical thinking, and time usage abilities.
Extraordinary sewing abilities.
Successful relational abilities.
Excellent client support abilities.
Great dexterity.

Proposition for employment Letter/خطاب عرض العمل)

We are Very satisfied to give you this proposition for employment as indicated by the Saudi works regulations that incorporates:
1) Iqama ought to be adaptable and take prompt exchange after effectively passed for 3 months’ probation period. /1) يجب أن تكون الإقامة قابلة للتحويل وأن يتم التحويل الفوري بعد اجتيازها بنجاح لمدة 3 أشهر من فترة الاختبار.
2) Minimum Qualification ought to be center or if nothing else read or compose English or Arabic language. /يجب أن يكون الحد الأدنى من المؤهلات المتوسطة أو على الأقل يقرأ أو يكتب باللغة الإنجليزية أو العربية.
3) Experience ought to be over 1 year in the fitting related field. /يجب أن تكون الخبرة أكثر من 1 سنة في مجال الخياطة ذات الصلة.

Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022 | ladies tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia
Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022 | ladies tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia

4) Monthly Net Salary will be around 2500 to 3000 Saudi riyals as per your abilities and experience. /سيكون صافي الراتب الشهري حوالي 3000 إلى 2500 ريال سعودي وفقًا لمهاراتك وخبراتك.
5) Accommodation, Electricity, Water and transport given by us then salry ought to be 2500 while perhaps not then 3000. /السكن والكهرباء والمياه والمواصلات التي نقدمها.
6) Working Hours will be 10 hours. /ستكون ساعات العمل 10 ساعات.
7) Yearly Iqama Renewal and Health Insurance given by us. /تجديد الإقامة السنوي والتأمين الصحي الذي نقدمه.
8) Every 2 years, there will be 42 days excursions with 21 days paid compensations. /كل عامين ، ستكون هناك إجازة لمدة 42 يومًا مع راتب 21 يومًا.
9) Once in 2 years, return Tickets and Exit Reentry given by us. /مرة واحدة كل عامين ، قم بإرجاع التذاكر وإعادة الدخول التي نوفرها.

Taking estimations of the clients with the assistance of a measuring tape.
Recording of the taken estimations.
Counseling utilized materials and cuts with the clients.
Making garments for individual clients with the assistance of a sewing machine.
Changing garments as per the clients’ solicitations.
Retouching harmed garments.
Doing basic upkeep of the sewing machines (trading strings, needles and so forth.).

Your experience and abilities include:

  • Up-and-comer should be obviously qualified and prepared with proficient fitting abilities and made past encounters in a comparative position, ideal in friendliness industry. Great order of English is a benefit

Our obligation to Diversity and Inclusion:
We are a comprehensive organization and our aspiration is to draw in, enroll and advance different ability.

Why work for Accor?
We are undeniably in excess of an overall chief. We invite you as you are and you can get a new line of work and brand that matches your character. We support you to develop and gain proficiency with each day, ensuring that work carries reason to your life, so that during your excursion with us, you can keep on investigating Accor’s boundless potential outcomes.
By joining Accor, each part of your story is yours to compose and together we can envision the upcoming cordiality.

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